About Us

The seed for Curious Wild was planted three years ago when Charlotte and I braced ourselves for another winter, our mood and capacity to be hopeful this time of year plummeting faster than the mercury. Together we decided to help each other by sharing books, walks, recipes and craft activities. For the first time in years we felt as though we were not enduring the season but embracing it.

Charlotte and I began to plan for not only the following winter, but the other seasons too, aiming to replicate the formula of the last, planning seasonal walks, sharing nourishing recipes, books, days out, making the connection between keeping hands busy in order to quiet a busy mind and focusing on tuning in with the rhythm of the seasons rather than resisting them. We aimed each week to focus on linking our chosen theme for the season with something to eat, make and do. Our blog is where we share our experience of connecting with the seasons, exploring the impact this project has on mental health and family life.

Curious Wild marking each turn the wheel of the year focusing on a theme for the season and following the template of our original project, encouraging ideas for things to eat, make and do whilst sharing ways to live more creatively drawing on our shared love of the arts, books, food and nature.

Hope you enjoy!

Yas & Charlotte