Signs of spring

Sometimes, when the drabness of January gets you down and the sheer mundaneness of work and shepherding children to clubs and school get the best of you, there is nothing better than just getting out of the house, surrounding yourself in green and just forgetting about normal life for a bit. Imbolc comes at a perfect time (it’s almost like it was planned…) – it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and look for the beginnings of spring and notice the bright green shoots of bulbs, the fancy hats of the hellebores, the pops of yellow and purple from the crocus. The stars of the show are snowdrops though, their little heads bowing in modesty as they blanket woodlands and flower beds.

I dragged my very reluctant children to Myddleton House Gardens, a place that makes my heart sing. It’s a magical place, it’s small but perfectly formed and has the ability to quieten the busiest of brains, to lift the darkest of moods. We ran and explored and came home happier and lighter than we had been for a good while.


2 replies on “Signs of spring”

Promising start to your new blog. Lovely photos too!
It is amazing that nature can heal and uplift us even in the depths of winter.
Looking forward to reading more from you and Yas!


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